Guy Flips His Car While Singing With The Camera RollingSometimes we forget that driving is serious business. With everything from the radio to texting, they've all become a distraction when it comes to driving.
iPhone 7 Users Destroy New Phone After YouTube Video Tells Them To Drill Into New DeviceA YouTube video, however, showed a DIY solution to the headphone jack removal. It claimed, that by drilling into the new iPhone with a 3.5mm drill, you can create your own jack and continue to use headphones as normal.
Rowlett Father's Facebook Video Goes ViralA man from Rowlett's video with his daughter, has gone viral on Facebook.
Fort Worth Police Departments Viral Video Is Hilarious!Love to see the Fort Worth Police Department having a little fun.
Man CLIMBS Trump Tower Because He Wanted A "Meeting With Trump" (Video)The climber made a video explaining his reasons for scaling the tower and it is TOTALLY NOT CREEPY!
This YouTube Beauty Tutorial Is Hilarious! Makeup Is Hard!This video is hilarious! We love this girl!
Ariana Grande Lookalike Says She Was NOT Impersonating Pop Singer At DisneyA woman who dressed exactly like Ariana Grande, and took pictures with fans at Disney World thinking she was Ariana Grande, has come out and said she was in no way impersonating Ariana Grande.
Little Girl Swimming With Burmese Python In Kiddie Pool Video ResurfacesWould you allow a Burmese python at your kid's birthday party?
Watch This Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Commercial Parody By A Little Girl In A Barbie JeepThe video posted to YouTube, delivers a perfect take on McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials, all while cruising in her pink Barbie Jeep.
VIDEO: Uber Passenger Refuses To Leave Car And The Driver Hits A Crazy Level Of RageA video has surfaced of an Uber driver in Pembroke Park, Florida asking a passenger to get out of his car. When she refuses, the driver begins yelling at the woman.
Justin Timberlake Loved This YouTube Video So Much He Shared With His Fans
See Grandma Freak Out When Riding In Tesla Autopilot Car

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