Sales Clerk Tells 13-Year-Old She Needs Spanx And Her Mom Goes Off!Why did she think this was okay!
Young Boy Sends Troops A Letter Saying "Kill Those ISIS F****"
Little Girl Sings Best Frozen Parody Yet..."Let Me Poop"
Leigh Ann: Watch Elephants Protecting Their YoungRemember the video of the elephant crying when it was rescued? Well, here’s another heartwarming elephant video. These creatures are simply amazing.
Is Justin Bieber Retiring!?!?Is the Bieb retiring?
The Question Of What Age Kids Should Get Cell PhonesJohn's 9-year-old daughter just got an iPhone. We discussed what age is appropriate to have a cell phone.
Julie's Jabbers: Body Image Lessons From A Hypocrite
The Best Cities To Be Young Broke And SingleHere's a list of the best cities to young, broke, and single. Find out how Dallas faired!
New Study Finds Pop Stars Have A Higher Risk Of Death

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