Murder Suspect Broadcasts Himself On Facebook Live Running From Police!This is crazy!
This Couple Had An Anniversary Photoshoot At Target Because They Love It That Much!We love Target but this takes it to another level!
Woman Goes To Hospital For "Kidney Stones," Ends Up Giving BirthStephanie Jaegers was experiencing stomach pains which she thought to be kidney stones.
Woman Gives Birth In Line At Walmart But Insisted On Paying For Her Things First!This is something you don't see everyday!
Woman's Halloween Display Has Her Neighbors Calling The Cops!What do you think about her decorations?
Woman Came Home To Find Two Burglars Doing It On Her Couch!This is crazy!
Nick Jonas Has A New Mystery Woman!Looks like Nick Jonas was having a blast with a new woman!
This Woman Dropped Her Husband's Lunch In His Sun Roof From The Balcony!This woman has skills!
Woman Freaks Out That Subway Is Out Of Meatballs! WOW!This woman really wanted her meatball sub!
Woman Finds Out Coworkers Were Tracking Her Period So They Could Avoid Her!People must have really not liked this woman!
Carrollton Woman Runs Into Burning Building To Save KidThis woman is a hero!
Woman Finds Spider Cooked Into Her Vanilla Wafer!This picture is crazy!

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