Man In Texas Arrested At Polling StationThings are just getting crazier and crazier
Katy Perry Throws Shade At Taylor Swift While Dancing!She was totally throwing shade at Taylor Swift!
Here Is The Most Offensive Costumes Of 2016Why do people think these are funny?
This Guy Made His Cigarette Float In Mid Air And The Internet Lost It's Mind!This is INSANE! How does he do this?
Are These Legs Painted Or Just Really Shiny?Here is the latest internet debate!
Teen Wakes Up From Coma And Speaks Fluent Spanish!This is crazy! He had never spoken Spanish in his life!
US Airlines Is Allowed To Weigh Passengers Now To Prevent Crash Landings!People are really upset about this!
People In This Texas Town Are Upset About Gruesome Baby Halloween Display!Does this Halloween display offend you?
Doctors Use Saw And Bolt Cutters To Remove Mans 'Junk' From Metal Toy!This went south fast!
New Street Flaka Is Turning People Into Walking Zombies!The way these people are acting is INSANE!
Waves Of Cyber Attacks Take Down Netflix, Twitter, And Spotify Today!This is crazy! Hopefully this ends soon!
Check Out These Creepy Pictures Of An Abandoned "Disneyland" In Japan!These pictures are so eerie!

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