Waves Of Cyber Attacks Take Down Netflix, Twitter, And Spotify Today!This is crazy! Hopefully this ends soon!
Check Out These Creepy Pictures Of An Abandoned "Disneyland" In Japan!These pictures are so eerie!
Here Are The United States 10 Most Haunted Cities!Looking to take a spooky vacation? This is where you need to go!
Man Locks Himself Out Of His House And Gets Stuck In His Chimney!Did he really think that was going to work?
Candy Crush Is Becoming A TV Show, Because Why Not!How are they going to make this work?
Mom Buys Her Daughter A NSFW Shirt On Accident! WOW!OOPS! Bet she wouldn't have bought it if she knew what it was!
Florida Man With Half A Head Was Arrested For Attempted Murder!This guys picture is INSANE!
Lady Gaga And Halsey Have A Major Twitter Feud With The Chainsmokers!Well this got ugly fast!
Adam Levine Was Accused Of Child Abuse, Police Investigeted!This is crazy! Say it isn't so!
360 In Arlington Could Get The Name Ranger TollwayThe new 360 expansion could be named the Ranger Tollway
Man Gets Bee Sting Lips By Having Actual Bees Sting His Lips! This Is Crazy!This guys lips are insane!
Apple Employees Accused Of Taking Naked Pictures Off Of Broken Phones!Why would employees be doing this?

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