Woman Came Home To Find Two Burglars Doing It On Her Couch!This is crazy!
Good Friend Of Pitcher Jose Fernandez Sent Eeriest Text Just Before Fatal Boat AccidentThis text is crazy! This breaks our hearts!
Police Talk Man Out Of Jumping Off Bridge By Chatting About Hatred Of Cowboys!This guy was having a really bad day.
Family Cleans House And Finds Tortoise They Lost In 1982How did the poor guy live this long?
Brad Pitts Investigation Has Now Reached The FBI!This looks like its getting bad!
Pumpkin Spice Pizza Is A Real Thing Now!Would you try this?
These Women Swear The Coffee They Were Drinking Got Them Drunk!Could coffee have gotten these women drunk!
This Purse Made From An Actual Cat Will Give You Nightmares!This is super creepy to us!
Kim Kardashian Uses $770 Worth Of Makeup Everyday! WHAT??How can one person use this much makeup on a daily basis? This is crazy!
New Diet Plan Has People Swallowing Balloons!We have seen some weird diet plans, but this takes it to a whole new level.
Coolio Arrested At LAX!Come on Coolio, you know better than that!
This Is Why The iPhone 7 Is Hissing At You Like A Snake!Is this supposed to happen?

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