Katy Perry Celebrates Her Birthday The Most Patriotic Way Possible!She spent her birthday voting! That a girl!
Madonna Offers Oral Sex To Anyone Who Will Vote For Hillary Clinton At Amy Schumer Show!I don't think anyone expect her to say this! WOW!
Texans Break State Record For Registered VotersMore Texans than ever before have registered to vote this year before election day on November 8.
Katy Perry Has Officially Voted Naked To Help "Change The World!"If she actually votes naked do you think it would help anything?
Rick Perry Is Going To Need Our Help To Advance In Dancing With The Stars!He is going to need a lot of help to move on!
Here Are Your TXA 21 High School Games Of The Week! Vote Now For Who Will Win!Vote for which High School football team will win this week!
Here Are Your TXA 21 High School Games Of The Week! Vote For Who Will Win This Week!Vote for who you think will win this week!
Here Are Our High School Football Games Of The Week! Vote For Who You Think Will Win!High School Football is king in Texas, but who do you think is going to win! VOTE NOW!
How Should Dog Pants Be Worn?It's the great debate of 2016!
2015 Teen Choice Award Nominees Have Been AnnouncedA lot of them were heard first on Your Summer Station- 1037!
Bravo Ireland! - First Country To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By A National Vote!Definitely a step in the right direction, America...your turn!
Man's Obituary Urges People To Not Vote For Hillary. Really? Yep."The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016..."

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