Snapchat Sun Glasses That Record Video Are The Coolest Thing You Have Ever Seen!Now this is AWESOME!!
Have You Ever Wondered How They Put Big Tex Up At The State Fair! Watch This Video!This is awesome to watch!
Britney Spears Son Pulled The Best Prank Ever On His Mom! Watch This!Her son is hilarious!
Finally, A Real-Life Transformer!As a kid, watching the Transformers cartoon, you've probably always wanted a car that could turn into a robotic defense mechanism.
What's Better? Cheap Sushi VS Expensive SushiYou can find anything on the internet, including videos of people eating food. Seriously, who would have ever imagined a video about watching two guys eat sushi could go super-viral!
VIDEO: Man Arrested For Running Over Police Officer!This video is insane!
San Antonio Mattress Store Mocks 9/11 In “Twin Tower” Television CommercialWell this is about the worst thing we have ever seen. It's absolutely disgusting, and everyone involved should be completely ashamed of themselves.
Watermelon Cat Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing You Will Ever See!This video is mesmerizing! We can't stop watching it!
WATCH: Elderly Texan Couple Dances Night Away In New Viral VideoA video coming all the way from Nova Scotia, with a little bit of Texan flair, is quickly becoming a viral sensation.
Fort Worth Police Departments Viral Video Is Hilarious!Love to see the Fort Worth Police Department having a little fun.
G Eazy Caught Doing Coke On SnapchatFor Britney fans, her performance with G Eazy was undoubtedly the highlight of the VMAs.
Justin Bieber Has Returned To Instagram!Here is what his latest post is.

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