G Eazy Caught Doing Coke On SnapchatFor Britney fans, her performance with G Eazy was undoubtedly the highlight of the VMAs.
Justin Bieber Has Returned To Instagram!Here is what his latest post is.
Local High School Football Teams Dance Video Is Going Viral!This is awesome!
Watch Cleveland's Second Baseman Jokingly Square-Off with Ranger Rougned OdorToo funny!! The Cleveland Indians are in town and last night their second baseman Jason Kipnis tagged out a speeding Rougned Odor -- then threw to first for a double play. As Odor got up, Kipnis pretended he was ready to fight.
Did You Go To The Cat Video Festival In Oak Cliff?Yes, this is a real thing!
Move Over Pimple Popping Videos! Belly Button Secretion Videos Are Hot Right Now!This might be the grossest thing we have ever seen!
These Parents Took The Best Back-To-School Pictures Of Themselves!This is how every parent feels when their kids go to school!
Dog With A GoPro Stumbles Upon Bigfoot!The mystery of Bigfoot has been solved! The giant, fur covered, apelike creature is real!
You Won't Recognize Sick Adele With No Makeup!Poor girl is sick, and you won't even recognize her.
The Dallas Stars New Hype Video Will Get You So Ready For Hockey Season!This is amazing! We are so ready for hockey season now!
Watch The Dramatic Video As Dallas Carjacker Drags Man Down The Street!This video is crazy! Man gets carjacked, then dragged down the street.
Video Of Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack EmergesThey finally released the video! Here it is in all of it's glory!

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