Sleeping Baby Struggles To Eat Her Spaghetti (Video)This little girl has life figured out.
Parking Lot Brawl Turns Into Real Life Bumper Cars!This is crazy!
This Video Will Crash Any iPhone It Comes Across!Just in time for the holidays! What a great prank to play on your family!
The Guys At Dude Perfect Flip Everything In Their OfficeThe guys at Dude Perfect are staying busy.
Justin Bieber Punches Fan In Barcelona! (Video)All this could have been avoided had he rolled up his window, right?
Worst Boyfriend Ever Wakes Up Girlfriend With TWO Huge Pythons (Video)YouTube prankster DerekDeso decided one python just wasn't enough apparently.
Dog Is Devastated To Find Bone Isn't RealTo break up some of the day check out his cute, poor dog try to eat the painted bone at the bottom of the water bowl.
Plano Police Officer Goes Viral After Escorting A Family To Their Car In The Main Event Parking Lot At MidnightIt's late at night, your family is leaving Main Event, and you have to walk across an empty parking lot to get to your car. Wouldn't it be nice to have an escort?
A Bat Almost Attacked Adele During A Show In Mexico!She FREAKS out when she sees the bat in the crowd!
Seven Week Old Baby Says "Hello" To Mom In Viral Video!Is this baby a genius? This is crazy!
Here Is The List Of Celebrities Moving To Canada!Do you think they will actually do it?
The Iconic Voice Of AOL's "You've Got Mail" Is An Uber Driver Now!Now this brings back some memories!

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