Netflix In November: What's Coming And GoingInto Netflix Originals? You're going to be lovin' life!
Dallas Was Voted Best Skyline In The WorldBig D came in first place in USA Today's Readers' Choice contest for Best International Skyline.
USA Today Re-Creates Newspaper Seen In "Back to the Future Part II"If you wandered into a Starbucks today(where else is it sold?) you’d have seen a USA Today to make your head spin like a DeLorean. They printed a secondary front page resembling the paper that Marty McFly found when he time traveled to 10/21/15. It actually had people under 30 buying a newspaper.
Want To Buy A Rare 150 Million-Year-Old Allosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton?Believe it or not...this is a deal. Well, for some people.
The People Have Spoken - They Want Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill!American currency is very...white, and equally...male.
VOTE for Big Tex as Quirkiest Landmark!!
Thieves Force Louvre Museum Closure
New Facebook Feature Allows You To Share Organ Donor Status
Backlash grows against full-body scanners in airports

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