Alec Baldwin Debuts as Trump in New SNL TeaserSaturday Night Live has made a few casting changes over the break with the departure of Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah, but the show is back and ready for the season premiere Oct. 1.
Katy Perry Responds To A Fan Who Said Her Career Is OverKaty Perry isn't shy about calling people out. We know that from all the Taylor Swift drama.
iPhone 7 Issues: Is 'Hissgate' The New 'Bendgate'?
Richard Dreyfuss Corrects Internet Users on Which Dreyfuss He IsActor Richard Dreyfuss went on Twitter last night after the Emmy Awards to confirm that (a) he is not dead and that (b) he is not Julia Louis-Dreyfus' father.
It's Mayor Monday And Ken Shetter From Burleson Is Our New Best Friend!Seriously! This guy is super cool!
Merriam-Webster Just Owned This Guy On Twitter! Yes, The Dictionary!OMG! They totally burned this guy, and it's hilarious!
The Cincinnati Zoo Is Tired Of People Trolling Them About Harambe The Gorilla!The Cincinnati zoo is still receiving a ton of hate from people!
Actor Thomas Gibson Joins Twitter; Addresses 'Criminal Minds' FiringAbout 10,000 fans are following Thomas Gibson so far on his new Twitter account. He was fired after a dozen seasons on ‘Criminal Minds.’ Here’s his first tweet.
Why Does Justin Bieber Have Mysterious Bruises On His Abs? (Photo)Any idea what those bruises could be? Weird virus? Turning into a dalmatian? Bellybutton STD?
Kelly Clarkson Sets The World Ablaze With "Slaves" TweetAfter Michelle Obama's rousing speech at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, Kelly Clarkson tweeted her praise and admiration for the outgoing First Lady.
The Twitter Fight Between Chad And Robby After The Bachelorette Last Night Was Awesome!This Twitter exchange was awesome last night!
See How Mark Cuban Slammed Donald Trump (Repeatedly) On Twitter!It was a TWEET STORM!

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