Tarrant County Woman Gives Birth to Third Set of Naturally-Conceived TwinsJoshua and Carrie Briggs say they always wanted a lot of kids, and now they have eight. It took only five delivery trips to the hospital as six of the kids are twins.
OMG! The Twins From Full House Are Super Hot Now!WOW! They are super hot now!
Enterprise Employee Goes Viral After Holding Mom's Baby While She Rents A CarEven if you aren't a parent, you know that having a baby can sometimes be a handful. Now, imagine there are two babies, you need to get a rental car, and you only have a stroller for one child.
Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Could Be Twins. (Photo)A recent selfie by Reese Witherspoon shows the incredible similarities she shares with her 16-year-old daughter, Ava.
Did You Know These 19 Stars Have A Twin?We had no clue Vin Diesel had a twin brother!
These Identical Twins Do Everything Together Including The Boyfriend They Share!Well this is awkward!
Picture Of Mom And Her Twins Has Gone Viral! Can You Tell Who The Mom Is?
Tony Romo Look-Alike Caught in Stands at Broncos Game (PHOTO)Tony Romo was in Dallas over the weekend planning an off season surgery on his collarbone, or was he?
Exclusive News: Did Kelly Clarkson Slip And Say She Was Having Twins?Just like she spontaneously announced her second pregnancy, Kelly Clarkson might have just spontaneously revealed a huge secret… she is expecting twins.
Chrissy Teigen's Baby Bump Sparks Twins Rumors
Is Cameron Diaz Expecting Twins?
You Will Never Believe Who Is Suing The Olsen Twins

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