The Best Celebrity Tweets From Last Nights Presidential Debate!WOW! They had plenty to say!
Here Are The Best Celebrity Tweets From The Debate Last Night!These are hilarious!
Here Are The Funniest Tweets From The VMA's Last Night!These are hilarious!
Ryan Reynolds Responds To Sexual Tweets And It's Hilarious!Ryan Reynolds responses are hilarious! This is awesome!
Blake Shelton "Kind Of" Apologizes For Homophobic Tweets!Does this count as an apology?
Blake Shelton Posts Statement in Response to 'Inappropriate' TweetsTwitter users have extracted allegedly racist, homophobic tweets from from Blake Shelton’s account. Most of them from 2009-2011. He’s issued an apology.
These 10 #WorstFirstDate Tweets Prove Your Love Life Could Be So Much Worse!The guy disappeared to the bathroom and text her she wasn't his type! WOW!
Funniest Tweets Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson Has Sent Out!OMG! These are so funny!
31 Mean Girl TweetsCan't we all just get along!
Selena Gomez Live Tweets Getting Stuck In An Elevator!
Dr. Phil Diagnoses Kanye West On The Late Late ShowWe already assumed there was something wrong with Kanye. Now we know!
These Might Be The Funniest Tweets About Sex EVER!

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