The Top 10 Greatest TV Shows Of All TimeIf there's one thing we can all agree's TV! It's the greatest invention of all time. We spend countless mind numbing hours in front of the boob tube, so much so that binge watching is now a term in the dictionary!
Sex And The City Could Be Coming Back To TV!This is the best news we have heard all day.
Cast Of "Will & Grace" Reunites For Several Adorable PhotosThe cast of the wildly popular television series Will & Grace were together again to see Megan Mullaly's husband Nick Offerman perform in his comedy show.
Do You Love 'Stranger Things?' Find Out Which Character You Are!Who is your favorite character?
Luke Pell Says He Was Told He Was The Next Bachelor!He would have been a much better choice!
Nick Viall Announced At The New BachelorThis is going to be interesting!
Pretty Little Liars Is Ending After Seven Seasons!This show was so much fun to watch! It's going to be sad to watch it go.
This Theory About Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Will Blow Your Mind!This theory about Eleven is so crazy it has to be true!
Looks Like Luke Pell Is Going To Be The Next BachelorWe hope it's our Texas guy! This is exciting!
Thomas Gibson Has Been Fired From 'Criminal Minds'They have officially let him go!
American Airlines To Begin Offering Free Movies And Television During FlightsIn a move echoing actions taken by Delta earlier this summer, American Airlines will now be offering free movies, television, and msuic to all of its passengers on their flights.
Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher And Fiancé Jordan Rodgers Have A House In Dallas!Do you think they will actually make it?

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