You Can Now Curl Your Hair With Toilet Paper! No Seriously You Can!Who thought of this? That is what we really need to know!
This Prisoner Cut Off His Man Part And Tried To Flush It Down The Toilet
WATCH: Not Checking The Potty Before You Go In Australia Can Have Serious Consequences
Howie Mandel Went Out Of Town And A Prankster Used 4,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To Roll His House
Ryan Gosling Themed Bathroom! WHAT??
'The Walking Dead' Smartphone Toilet Seat Attachment
VIDEO: 3-Year-Old's Hilarious Potty TalkToddler has conversation with self about his dietary choices. It's the cutest, most hilarious video on the web.
Toilet-Themed Restaurant To Offer Crappy DiningNew restaurant offers potty party experience dining on toilets.
Sulphur Springs' New Public Toilets Have One-Way MirrorsSulphur Springs is now offering a unique potty experience with pubic toilets surrounded by one-way mirrors.
"Pee Straight" Invention Helps Men With AimIf you sprinkle when you tinkle, there's an invention for mess prevention.
VIDEO: Rat Crawls Out Of Couple's ToiletA couple freaks out over finding a furry surprise in their toilet.
Tweeting From The ToiletWhere do you surf social media? People admit to posting from the potty in a new social media study.

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