Daughter Caught In Crossfire Of Mom's Sexy Text MessagesThis is pretty close to every child's worst nightmare
PHOTO: Guy Texted His Brother The Creepiest Close-Up EverCan you tell what this is?
38 New Emojis Unveiled For 2016Move over, smiley face and thumbs up, there are new emojis coming to town!
Guy's Break-up Text Goes ViralI'm taking my trumpet and going home.
When Voice-Activated Text Messages Go WrongSometimes Siri just doesn't understand us and sends out a text message that doesn't make any sense.
Worst Ways We've Been DumpedKaty Perry revealed to Vogue that Russell Brand dumped her in a text message. If that's one of the worst ways to get dumped, wait until you hear our stories!
iPhone Autocorrect Fail

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