It's Chicken Fried Steak Day!Have you celebrated Chicken Fried Steak day yet?
City Of Dallas Closes 'Tent City' Homeless Camp Under I-30The city of Dallas has cracked down on another homeless camp. leaving many with out a place to stay for the night.
Halloween Decorations Have Some Folks Upset In KatyWhat would Halloween be without upsetting your neighbors because your decorations are amazingly gruesome? A house in Katy has done just that, offending neighbors and passersby with a "zombie baby" theme. There's a zombie mother looking over her zombie children as they bite and chew various body parts all while in their zombie baby crib.
People In This Texas Town Are Upset About Gruesome Baby Halloween Display!Does this Halloween display offend you?
This Texas Taco Challenge Is So Hard Only 5 People Have EVER Finished It!This taco challenge is INSANE! Only 5 people have ever finished it!
Most Popular TV Shows By State; Narcos Most Popular Show In put out a map with the most popular show in every state on it. We thought it was ironic that Nashville was the most popular show in Tennessee.
Texas Bride Loses 110 Pounds Before Her Wedding Day! She Looks Amazing!She looks amazing! You go girl!
VIDEO: Scary Clown With Huge Knife Tries To Break Into Texas House!This video is INSANE!
It's Mayor Monday And We Talked To Beth Van Duyne From Irving!We love Mayor Monday and Beth Van Duyne is as awesome as they come!
Video Catches The Moment This Kid Threw Up On A State Fair Ride!This poor poor kid!
Cannabis Beer Is Coming To Texas!Are you going to try cannabis beer?
Selena Gomez Was Spotted Eating Out In Tennessee During Her Break From Music!Selena Gomez was spotted in a Texas Roadhouse over the weekend!

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