Dog Beach Party at Waterpark NRH20 This Saturday
Swimming Pools and Waterparks Open for Dogs Saturday; Details Here
Michael Phelps Wins 23rd Gold Medal and His Last
See Why Lebron James Has Amazing Words For Michael Phelps 'Winners Focus On Winning!'Focus is one of the most important attributes you need to win and Chad Le Clos from South Africa is learning that lesson the hard way.
Michael Phelps: "Normal Thing" To Pee In The PoolHe says not to worry, however, because the "chlorine kills it, so it's not bad."
Did You See Those Round Bruises On Michael Phelps? This Will Explain Them!This is what those round bruises on Michael Phelps are!
The Water In Rio Is So Polluted Olympic Swimmers Are Being Told To Keep Their Mouths ClosedIt just gets worse everyday! This is crazy!
Watch A Little Girl Go For A Swim With Her Pet Burmese Python! (Video)Corey Wallace owns an 8-year-old Burmese python named Sumatra. He also has a young daughter, and he doesn't mind the two swimming together in the family pool
It's Not Chlorine In The Pool That Makes Your Eyes Red. It's Much Worse Than That...The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released these creepy findings last year but seeing as it's officially summer and people are back in swimming pools... a little reminder won't hurt!
This Guy Just Threw 30 Pounds Of Dry Ice In His Pool And What Happened Is Crazy!
Michael Phelps Busted Wearing Women's Underwear
The Male "Swimming Sock" Is Here And It Must Be Stopped!

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