Dallas Police Looking For Suspect Who Bit Store Clerk During RobberyWhen the clerk tried to shut the register's door, the suspect bit the clerk on the forearm and punched her in the face.
Search Of Garage After New Threat Against DPD Yields NothingJust days after the tragedy in downtown Dallas, another threat was made towards law enforcement and the Dallas Police Headquarters.
Dallas Shooting's El Centro Sniper Identified By PoliceOne of the shooters from last night's tragedy has been identied as Dallas resident 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson.
Man Identified As Person Of Interest Questioned, ExoneratedShortly after the shootings in downtown began, the Dallas Police Department posted this picture of Mark Hughes to their Twitter page, naming him as a person of interest.
Grocery Carts Are Target of Plano Purse Snatcher
Texas Man Looses Pants While Fleeing Dairy Queen BurglaryPants on the ground! Pants on the ground! That fool got away, but left his pants on the ground!

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