Sorry Ashley Madison Users! If You Want To Sue Them You Will Have To Use Your Real Name!
Local Attorney Sues Mansfield Restaurant Over $2.25 Soup!Sounds like someone's a "soup Nazi."
Husband Sues Wife For Not Cooking And Cleaning Enough!Is this guy the worst husband ever?
Meet The Real-Life "Cookie Lyon" From EmpireShe claims she was the inspiration behind the popular tv character.
Bruce Jenner: Not Going To Pay Crash Victim's Step-Kids, They Don't Deserve It!Remember the whole Bruce Jenner car crash?
Man Sues Hospital After They Removed His "Manhood"
Nina Pham The Nurse Who Contracted Ebola In Dallas Is Going To Sue The Hospital
Melissa Rivers Suing To Find Out What Really Happened To Her Mom
Kesha Suing Producer Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault!Kesha (the artist formerly known as Ke$ha) is suing her record producer Dr. Luke for sexual abuse and assault!
Melissa Rivers To Sue Endoscopy Clinic Over Mother's DeathWho wouldn't sue is my question?
Man Sues Cat Owner For $100K Following "Unprovoked Attack"A feisty feline attacks cat-sitter for no apparent reason, and now the man is suing for $100,000 to ease his suffering.
Full House Star Sues Over Year Old Car Accident

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