Study: Women Are 'Genetically Programmed to Cheat'Researchers from the University of Texas have released a study that’s bound prompt a shocked emoticon from most of us. Women, yes women, have evolved to engage in rather frowned-up behavior: cheat on their significant other. But why?
Men Have Evolved Better 'Making Up' SkillsNever thought about this, but it makes perfect sense. Even though women supposedly are better at cooperating in competitive situations, a new study found that guys are actually better at making up after fights than women are.
New Study Says Dallas Is The 4th-Most Diverse Dining City In The U.S.The food scene in Dallas is among the best in the U.S.
Taking a Hot Bath Shows Similar Benefits to ExerciseWhat a dreamy headline! Who knew that we can get out of exercise… I mean, enhance our health dramatically… by taking a hot bath. A new study out of England shows that a half hour bath gets your metabolism going, reduces blood pressure and burns the equivalent calories as a 30 minute brisk walk. Our bodies release the same proteins when exposed to exercise or heat.
Study: More Than Half of Americans Don't Use All Vacation DaysPeople, use your vacation days. What’s the problem here? A new study shows 55% of us left vacay on the table. That’s a collective 658 million days spent at work instead of at the beach, mountains, park or cleaning out the garage.
A New Study Claims Chipotle Is Worse For You Than McDonalds!
A New Study Says Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer In RatsStep away from the cellphone. A new study has found the cellphone radiation causes cancer in rats.
Study Says Tylenol Reduces EmpathyIf you're taking Tylenol to numb the pain, it may also numb the pain your feel for others.
Study: Yoga is Better Than Brain Games at Preventing DementiaGreat news – wouldn’t you rather stretch your body than do Sudoku? A UCLA study concludes that three months of yoga practice helped seniors improve their faltering memories. Yoga and meditation helped participants be less depressed and anxious and they were better to cope with stress.
Study: Wine With Food is Very Positive for Health and OutlookThe Italians, French and Greek are pretty clear on this, but do you have wine with meals? More reasons why you should.
Study: Why Do Great Ideas Come in the Shower?The problem with having epiphanies in the shower is that there’s no pen handy, and phones aren’t waterproof. I often forget mine a few minutes later. But these ‘out of nowhere’ aha! Moments are for real, according to an interesting new study published in the journal Thinking & Reasoning.
Research Finds Our Brains Need a 3-Day Work Week; Would Boost EconomyTell us something we don’t know. If companies would adopt this research, today would be our Friday… and isn’t that how it should be? Yeah, it sounds humorous but scientists are finding out more about the brain – i.e., it can function at peak levels for 25 hours per week. Then it tanks. Fast.

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