Man Gets Stuck In Coffee Machine And Delays Train!How do you get stuck in a coffee machine?
This Guy Got His Testicle Stuck In An Ikea ChairThis is hilarious!
Man Tries To Jump From Roof To Roof To Impress Girl And Gets Stuck!Wonder if he got the girl? At least she called for help.
First Responders Save Squirrel With Yogurt Stuck On It's Head!This is adorable! It's awesome they actually saved this squirrel.
Rollercoaster Stuck On The Tracks At Six Flags Over Texas!Well this isn't any fun!
What Really Happens When You Swallow Your Gum?The old wives tale has that gum stays in your system for 7 years if you accidentaly swallow it.
Woman Gets Trapped In Bathroom Stall And Films SOS Video For Help
Man Discovered Naked And Stuck In A Chimney Claims He Was Playing "Hide And Seek"
Selena Gomez Live Tweets Getting Stuck In An Elevator!
Khloe Kardashian Recalls Being Stuck Under Bed While Kris And Bruce Got It On!
Katy Perry's New Christmas Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head In Seconds!
Would You Be Brave Enough To Tell Oprah She Had Food In Her Teeth? This Dude WasIt happens to all of us, food gets lodged in our teeth and during a meal or snack and then someone well eventually tell you and you will remove it. The whole thing and be a bit awkward and even a little embarrassing. But how would you handle it if the person with food caught in there teeth was someone rich and famous. Someone like Oprah.

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