One Of Rihanna's Back Up Dancers Has Gone Missing And She Wants Your Help Finding Her!This breaks our hearts! Hopefully she is found safe and sound!
Teen Wakes Up From Coma And Speaks Fluent Spanish!This is crazy! He had never spoken Spanish in his life!
US Airlines Is Allowed To Weigh Passengers Now To Prevent Crash Landings!People are really upset about this!
Waves Of Cyber Attacks Take Down Netflix, Twitter, And Spotify Today!This is crazy! Hopefully this ends soon!
Check Out These Creepy Pictures Of An Abandoned "Disneyland" In Japan!These pictures are so eerie!
Mom Buys Her Daughter A NSFW Shirt On Accident! WOW!OOPS! Bet she wouldn't have bought it if she knew what it was!
Adam Levine Was Accused Of Child Abuse, Police Investigeted!This is crazy! Say it isn't so!
Man Gets Bee Sting Lips By Having Actual Bees Sting His Lips! This Is Crazy!This guys lips are insane!
Apple Employees Accused Of Taking Naked Pictures Off Of Broken Phones!Why would employees be doing this?
JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Could Be Getting Another Reality Show!Would you watch this show?
These 10 Facts Are Really Upsetting For Every '90s Girl!There is no way these are true! OMG!
Corey Feldman Hits The Today Show With Another Strange Performance!This was just as awkward as the first performance!

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