Watch This Crazy Guy Run Through An Apple Store Crushing Phones!This guy crushed tons of phones! This is crazy!
Plano Opens New Store Where Teachers Shop For Free!What an amazing store! We love this concept! Donate if you can!
Your Lost Luggage Ends Up At One Of The Largest Thrift Stores In The Nation!Have you ever wondered what happened to your lost luggage?
Convenience Store Looted In Dallas After AttacksAmidst the chaos of the shootings in downtown last night, the 7-11 located at Griffin and San Jacinto was packed with hundreds of civilians, some of whom began looting the convenience store.
VIDEO: Guy Tries To Abduct Little Girl Just Inside Of Store DoorThis is so scary! Be sure to keep a good eye on your kiddos!
You Can Now Buy Girl Scout Cookies Year Round!Why didn't we think of this first?
Grocery Carts Are Target of Plano Purse Snatcher
Have You Seen The Rainbow Bagel? It's Our New Favorite Breakfast Food!
New Valentine's Day Add Has People All Kinds Of Flustered!
This Is What A Realistic Ken Doll Would Look Like!Beach Dad Bod Ken is now a real thing! WOW!
This Crazy Fact About Store-Bought Eggs Has Gone Viral!This is kind of terrifying!!
Mother-Of-Four Is Being Charged For Leaving Her Baby At A Store! The Internet Is Outraged!

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