MCA Wanted To Change The Title Of Back To The Future To Space Man From PlutoBack to the Future is one of the greatest movies of all time. It's hard to imagine the film any other way than what we saw in theaters. However, MCA had different ideas for the movie.
VIDEO: Best Graduation Speech Of ALL Time! Steven Spielberg To Harvard Grads: Be A Real-Life Movie HeroSpielberg concluded by bringing the theme of hope and his movies by sending off the class with “a true, Hollywood-style happy ending.” Make sure to watch until the end.
The New Han Solo Has Been Chosen, Find Out Who's Replacing Harrison FordEhrenreich rise to stardom came at a coincidence when attending his friends bat mitzvah, and Steven Spielberg happened to be attending.
Harrison Ford And Steve Spielberg Are Teaming Up For Another Indiana Jones Movie!Are you excited for another Indiana Jones movie?
Steven Spielberg's Kids Are DJs and They're Signed to Jay Z's Roc NationAre you an up-and-coming DJ who thinks they've got what it takes to join the long line of other up-and-coming DJs who think they've got what it takes?
Comic-Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, "Ugly Americans" And William Shatner
Super 8 Wins The Weekend Box Office

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