Reality Star Darrell Ward Dies After Leaving Dallas Show!This breaks our hearts! So sad!
We Talked To Mayor Maso From Frisco About The Star TodayMayor Maso filled us in on whats going on with The Star in Frisco and much more!
Demi Lovato Is Hooking Up With An MMA Star!
Donald Trump Claims Elsa From Frozen Is Anti-SemiticI guess he doesn't like snowmen
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A Rainbow Appears Follow the "Purple Rain" at a Prince Memorial
Kesha Is Going To Guest Star On Nashville: Here Is The First Look
Why Do These Target Toys Look Like Sex Toys?Who approved this?
This "Star Wars" MashUp To Staying Alive Will Blow Your Mind!
Star Wars Stuntwoman Having To Have Arm Amputated After Horrible Accident!
This Full House Star Has A Daughter That's A YouTube Star
Who Are The 12 Worst Lovers In Hollywood?Is your crush on the list?

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