Dear Lord In Heaven! A Giant Spider Tries To Eat A Rat!If we know one thing about's that they have some serious spiders!
Man Gets Bit On The Junk Twice In The Same Year By A SpiderThe odds of this happening are 1 and 100 million! He should play the lottery now!
Woman Finds Spider Cooked Into Her Vanilla Wafer!This picture is crazy!
Girl Jumped Out Of Her Car And It Plunges Into Water Because Of a Spider, See The Picture!Petrified, the girl jumped out of the car and as she was freaking out her car slowly rolled forward and dove into the water.
Man Sets Gas Station On Fire Trying To Kill SpiderA Michigan man encountered a spider while he was gassing up his car, and because he's deathly afraid of the little guys decided his best course of action was to set the critter ablaze.
Mans Leg "Burst Open" After Being Bitten By A Spider On A Plane
Man Tries To Light Spider On Fire...Guess What Happens Next!Probably not the smartest thing he's ever done.
A Spider Causes Car AccidentIs there anyone who isn't terrified of spiders? No good can come of these eight-legged creatures! They must die!!!
This Guy Tried To Kill A Wolf Spider, What Happened Next Will Give You Nightmares
WATCH: Not Checking The Potty Before You Go In Australia Can Have Serious Consequences
Spider Man Balloon Has Massive Erection! How Did This Pass Quality Control?
This Mutant Spider Prank Is Terrifying

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