Photos Show Cat ‘Thor’ With Striped Fur Resembling Bengal TigerIn a world of cat pics and videos, let’s crown this one king. Apparently he’s already accepted the title.
This Is Why People Are Posting Videos Of Them Doing 22 Push-Ups All Over Social Media!22 push-ups for such a great cause!
Selena Gomez Reveals The Secrets To Being An Instagram SuccessShe has the most-liked photo on Instagram, can demand upwards of $500,000 for a sponsored photo, and is a certifiable social media Queen, and now Selena Gomez has revealed her secrets to Instagram success.
Do You Know Which Celebrities Make The Most Money On Social Media?We didn't expect this!
Local And National Celebrities Weigh In On Tragedy In DallasThere has been an outcry of support and condolences from celebrities regarding the victims of the tragic Dallas shootings, while also condemning the actions of the shooters involved.
Social Media Captures Tragedy Last Night In DallasAmateur footage captured at the scene of the Dallas shooting captures the chaos of the scene that left at least five Dallas police officers dead.
Put 103.7 KVIL Back In Your Facebook News FeedFacebook uses a complex algorithm to decide which posts users see in their news feeds, and that formula changed last week. According to the social media company, people should now be seeing more updates from their friends and family members and less information from media organizations like, well, us here at KVIL.
Social Media from Celebrities Reacting to Orlando Tragedy
Katy Perry's Twitter Hacked, Fires Shot At Taylor SwiftKaty Perry is the next celebrity to have a social media account hacked
Fire Station Goes Viral For Their Funny Messages Of The DayThe Newtown Fire Station in Australia  has become world famous and have a huge social media following. How did they do it?
Twitter Is Now Giving You More Characters To Tweet With!!! Get The Details....Under the new rules, photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quoted tweets will no longer count toward a tweet's character limit. User handles in replies will also be excluded from a tweet's character limit. The changes are expected to roll out to Twitter's apps and website "over the coming months."
This Is The Before & After Face Of A Panic AttackThe beauty of social media is that you can pick and choose what and what not to post. While your life may look fabulous and exciting on Facebook, things aren't always as they appear.

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