Britney Spear's Top Pops Off During Show In Vegas!She played it off like a pro though!
Candy Crush Is Becoming A TV Show, Because Why Not!How are they going to make this work?
Most Popular TV Shows By State; Narcos Most Popular Show In put out a map with the most popular show in every state on it. We thought it was ironic that Nashville was the most popular show in Tennessee.
JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Could Be Getting Another Reality Show!Would you watch this show?
New Study Says People Who Watch 'Friends' Are Smarter Than People Who Watch 'Game Of Thrones'!This is good news because we love 'Friends'
Corey Feldman Hits The Today Show With Another Strange Performance!This was just as awkward as the first performance!
Shots Fired On Set Of Jennifer Lopez's Show "Shades Of Blue"This got crazy fast!
Carson Daly To Cohost "Today" Show For Suspended Billy Bush!Rumor is that Carson Daly could be the new full time person!
ABC Announced Their Holiday Show Lineup!Is anyone else as excited about this as we are? OMG! YES!
Kanye West Ends Show In The Middle Of Song Due To Kim Kardashian Being Held At Gun Point!This is crazy! So happy everyone was okay!
We Talked To Greg Vaughan From The OWN Networks "Queen Sugar"We have to watch this show now! It sounds amazing!
Here Are Your Big Brother Contestants From DFW! We Can't Wait To Watch!Hopefully one of our local people win the cash!

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