Madonna Offers Oral Sex To Anyone Who Will Vote For Hillary Clinton At Amy Schumer Show!I don't think anyone expect her to say this! WOW!
Woman Came Home To Find Two Burglars Doing It On Her Couch!This is crazy!
Lance Bass Dishes On Which N'Sync Member Slept With The Most Women!That wasn't the answer we were expecting.
Now You Can Make Love To The Eggplant Emoji!No seriously, you can!
Shawn Mendes Says Being A Celebrity Makes Having Sex 'Impossible'Poor guy! Being famous is hard sometimes!
Couple Caught "Getting It On" During Live Broadcast At The Olympics!We love the fact that he addressed the issue on live TV. This is hilarious!
Andy Grammer Reveals He Waited Til Marriage To Have Sex On "The View" (Video)On Wednesday's episode of The Talk, singer Andy Grammer revealed that he actually waited to have sex for the first time after he was married.
Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Generation Xers, See Why!What's wrong with kids now-a-days! Approximately 15% of adults between 20 and 24 have reported having no sexual partners since they turned 18.
Russian Woman Decapitated By Train While Having SexA Serbian woman as having sex on some railroad tracks when she heard the sound of an upcoming. She looked up from her partner, only to be met by an oncoming train, which decapitated her.
Demi Lovato Is Hooking Up With An MMA Star!
Webcam Catches Pet-Sitter Getting It On In Clients Apartment!This is the best video you will watch all day!
Insurance Will Not Pay For Female ViagraA new report has come out stating most insurance companies will not pay for women to get the female version of Viagra, even though they cover it for men.

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