Science Proves That Smart Water Has No Added Benefit!Guess the water isn't so smart after all!
Science Says That Waking Up Early Might Be Killing You!We finally have a reason to sleep in! YES!
New "Hangover Free" Alcohol Is On The Way!Imperial College professor David Nutt has created a new type of synthetic alcohol which mirror all the "positive and sociable" effects of the real thing, all without the inevitable morning after hangover
Exercise In A Pill?Researchers in Australia have developed a pill that tricks the body into thinking it’s just gone through an intense workout, and is particularly aimed at those who need it most.
The Sugar Industry Paid Off Harvard To Squash The Link Between Sugar & Heart DiseaseMoney can't buy happiness, but apparently it can buy science.
Science Proves Dogs Understand What You Are Saying
Study Says Free Pizza Increases Work ProductivityIf you need justification for your pizza intake...let's all give three cheers for science!!!
According To Science These Are The 10 Most Beautiful PeopleThese women are very beautiful!
Dogs Process Language Just Like Humans!Sorry cat lovers, but dogs are awesome! As it turns out, they really do understand us!!!
Scientist Say You Should Be Taking A Midday Nap!Sweet! Count us in!
Study: Genes Influence the Age at which You Lose Your VirginityThe nature-nurture debate continues. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that DNA plays a part in this, but I thought it was always about how strict your parents were. Or weren’t. Or what your best friends were doing. Or not doing. Researchers at the University of Cambridge were able to pinpoint certain genes that influence when you first have sex.
This Is The Real Reason We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

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