Scientist Say You Should Be Taking A Midday Nap!Sweet! Count us in!
Study: Genes Influence the Age at which You Lose Your VirginityThe nature-nurture debate continues. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that DNA plays a part in this, but I thought it was always about how strict your parents were. Or weren’t. Or what your best friends were doing. Or not doing. Researchers at the University of Cambridge were able to pinpoint certain genes that influence when you first have sex.
This Is The Real Reason We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss
Low Vitamin B12 Levels Linked to Autism, DementiaNew research indicates the brains of both the elderly with dementia and young people with autism have something in common. Low levels of the vitamin B12, which plays an essential role in having a healthy nervous system.
According To Science You Should Never Wear Your Shoes In The House!This is so gross! Guess we never really thought about it.
Study: Dogs Love Us More Than Cats... Much More!I think we already knew that, but now science has proven it. Your dog loves you more than your cat. The results are in a new BBC documentary, Cats vs. Dogs. Saliva from dogs and cats to analyze hormone levels and how much they jump when playing with their ‘owners.’ Dogs’ oxytocin levels were nearly 5x higher than cats after ten minutes of play.
Charlie Sheen Vows To Find A Cure For HIVBut does it involve Tiger Blood?
First Litter Of IVF Puppies Are BornThey're paw-recious!
Drinking Beer Makes Men Better In Bed?
Six Scientific Reasons It's Better to Be SingleThe other day I happened to read an article about actress Linda Gray, and part of it was about how much she enjoys being single. Now research is proving these points.
Your Cellphone Is Ruining Your RelationshipHow often would you say that you or your partner pull out the cellphone when you're together? Is your phone within sight at all times? When the phone rings to either of you immediately check it even if you're in the middle of a conversation?
According To Women This Is What The Perfect Penis Looks Like

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