Nancy Grace Says The Kim Kardashian Robbery Was A Set Up!What do you think? Is She on to something?
Is Kanye West Being Investigated For Insurance Fraud?Hopefully this isn't true!
Kim Kardashian Thinks The Robbery Was An Inside Job!Something just doesn't add up about this!
Did Ryan Lochte Lie About Robbery To Cover Up That He Was With Prostitutes That Night!This story just gets crazier and crazier!
Man Held At Knifepoint Knocks Out Mugger And Takes SelfieA mugger held a knife to a man’s chest, but this guy picked the wrong person to mess with.
Video: 7-Eleven Store Clerk Takes Gun Out Of Armed Robber's Hands
Deputy Fires "One In A Billion" Shot Straight Down Barrel Of Robbery Suspect's GunWe'd call that a bullseye.
Man Attacks With Machete, Victim Defends With Broomstick In Bizarre Dallas RobberyWhen police were called to the scene of an apparent car battery theft, they found 36-year-old Michael Brown enraged, car battery in hand, swinging a machete at another man.
OJ Simpson Has A New Mug Shot (Photo)OJ Simpson is currently serving a 33 year sentence for armed robbery amongst other crimes, and for the first time since 2013, he has a new mug shot.
Woman Pepper Sprayed At NorthparkNormally, when you think of Northpark, you think high-end and safe shopping.
Reporter Helps Catch A Bank Robber On LIVE TVFool me once, shame on you...
Super-Skinny Jeans Saved This Man From Being Robbed

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