There Are Real Superheros Among Us, Just Ask The Woman Who Was Saved By OneKim Kardashian could have really used this guy a few weeks ago.
Watch This 6-Year-Old Girl Stand Up To An Axe-Wielding RobberThis little girl has no fear what so ever!
Man Held At Knifepoint Knocks Out Mugger And Takes SelfieA mugger held a knife to a man’s chest, but this guy picked the wrong person to mess with.
A Cashier Ignored A Robber With A Gun And Continued To Serve His Customers"He came into my shop and took out a gun from a bag and asked me to give him money," Mr Ahmed said.
7-Year-Old Kid Tries To Beat Up Armed Robber In Video Game Store!
Shoplifter Hides On Roof And Demands DonutsSeriously, no so bright.
World's Dumbest Criminal Uses Clear Plastic Bag As DisguisePlastic bags do not make good disguises as one robber found out.
Thief In Spider-Man Costume Steals $6000 In CashSpidey senses tell us that this thief wasn't our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
Would-Be Thief Bursts Into Tears During Gas Station HeistA robber begins sobbing in the middle of holding up a gas station.
Video: 80 Year Old Grandma Thwarts RobberyWatch as an 80-year-old woman manages to thwart an armed robbery in progress.

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