TV Reporter Arrested For Going #2 In Someone's Front Yard
TV Anchor Loses It While Reporting About Naked Yoga (VIDEO)It's like this, but in the buff.
Reporter Gets Hit In The Face During Live Broadcast!
Another Journalist Says Jennifer Lawrence Was NOT Rude To That Reporter!Remember this moment from the Golden Globes the other night?
Man Has Funny Answer When Asked What He'd Spend Powerball Winnings On (VIDEO)The reporter doesn't even know how to recover from his comment.
Huge Party Held in Memory of News Reporter Alison ParkerIn lieu of a funeral, Alison Parker’s family decided to do what they thought she’d want: a party.
Sam Smith Photobombs A Live News Report!Talk about a great souvenir to take home!
Watch This Reporter Shut Down The Sexist Man Harassing Her Live On TV
ESPN Suspends Reporter After Horrible Parking Lot Rant
Taylor Swift Slaps Down A Reporter Over A Cringe Worthy Comment
VIDEO: TV Reporter Shoves Bystander Live On TV - HILARIOUS!Would you have reacted the same way?
The Joys Of Live TV: Restaurant Owner Wants To Put His Meat In Reporter's Mouth

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