Amazon, Netflix, Twitter and Other Popular Sites Experienced Difficulties TodayToday around 6am CST, Netflix, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Etsy, Github, Spotify, Vox, and Airbnb experienced a DDoS attack (denial of service), primarily affecting eastern U.S. The attack was an attempt to overload websites with traffic, to the point of causing service issues.
New Grease Fan Theory Thinks Sandy Is Actually DeadOk, Grease fans. Prepare yourselves! Your mind is about to get blown!
Here Are 11 Nonsexual Things That Men Find AttractiveThere was a recent thread on the popular social website "reddit" that asked users to list nonsexual things they find attractive, and the results are pretty funny, nonsensical, and sometimes totally relatable.
List: The Most Life-Changing Purchases People MakeA thought-provoking question indeed, and thousands responded to a Reddit thread about the best purchases they ever made. I love this question because purchases we make end-up stuffed in a closet… then going to Goodwill at some point! Also, some of these favorites below can be bought for the cost of today’s lunch…
What You Should Never Order At Fast Food RestaurantsA recent thread on Reddit asked fast food workers to reveal what items you should never order on their restaurants menu.
6-Year-Old Asks Dad For Money; Gets Loan Rejection Letter In Response"After reviewing your account, we have found that you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores," the note read. This was written into a response given to a 6-year-old after he asked his dad for an advance on his allowance to buy a new toy.
Twitter Account Invites Strangers To Insult Your PhotoWould you do it?
Distressed Man Turns To Reddit For Help After His Girlfriend Didn't Like His ProposalThis is just an emotional roller coaster that we just don't think we can handle today!
Doctors And Nurses Reveal Weird Stuff They've Seen To RedditReddit user Ryan_da_5_9 recently asked the Doctors and Nurses of Reddit what is the strangest thing they have seen patients do at the hospital, and their answers were a bit of an eye opener.
Ashley Madison Data Leak Reveals Most Unfaithful States: How Does Texas Rank?Texas' position on the list might surprise you.
Muscular Dad Sends Daughter To School With His Photo On Her Shirt To Keep Boys Away.Are you an overprotective pop? You probably have NOTHING on this guy.
Husband Discovers Wife Is Cheating And LIVE Blogs Every Detail!

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