Uber Driver Surprises Passengers With Shelter PuppiesI can’t think of anything that would make Uber more enjoyable than a four-legged companion along for the ride.
Watch High School Cross Country Team Take Shelter Dogs for a RunIn a world of ideas, how brilliant is this one? Santa Maria, California. A high school coach was looking for a way for his students to log necessary public service time. Voila!
DFW Ranked #1 In Adoptions During "Clear The Shelters" (Photos)Adoption fees were waived, and nationwide over 45,000 animals (7541 in Dallas!) were taken to their forever homes.
There Are Grown Men Who Live And Dress As Puppies (Video)Not that there's anything wrong this that. 
Channing Tatum Announces "Magic Mike Live" with Hot Shirtless Men
Shirtless Firefighters Pose With Puppies For Charity!Ok ladies. Prepare yourself. What you are about to see will make your heart and ovaries explode!
You Can Feed Starving Puppies By Watching This Cute Puppy Video!
Remember The Dog That Had The Maternity Photos? She Had Her Puppies And They Are Adorable!
Dog Escapes Cage To Comfort Puppies First Night In Kennel!We love this dog! So cute!
Local Shelter Dog To Play In This Year's Puppy BowlFile this under "Awwww."
How Should Dog Pants Be Worn?It's the great debate of 2016!
These Dogs Wearing Christmas Costumes Will Make Your DayHappy Paw-lidays!

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