This Girl Pulled Out All The Stops In Fantastic Prom Entrance (Video)This high school student spared no expense with this absolutely awesome entrance out of her house.
Actress Gina Rodriguez Lets A Teen Borrow A Golden Globe Dress For PromActress Gina Rodriguez saved prom!!!
Teen Recreates Beyoncé Dress For PromNailed it!
Teen Takes His Cat To The Prom!What do you do when you can't find a prom date? Why, take your cat of course!
Son Takes Mom To Prom Because She Never Went To Her Own (PHOTOS)And the Son of the Year Award goes to...
Check Out This Prom Pic With A Tornado In The BackgroundIt seems like prom season and graduations snuck up on us fast this year, and Facebook was filled with pictures from both all weekend.
Texas Man Was Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Killing His Prom Date With Rough SexA prom night that ended in tragedy.
Prom Dresses Made Out Of Condoms Are The Craziest Thing We Have Ever Seen
Ariana Grande's New Clothing Collection Has Prom Goals Written All Over It!This line is actually really cute!
This Is The Worst Promposal Fail Of All Time
PHOTOS: Jaden Smith Goes To Prom...As Batman.I want to be Jaden Smith when I grow up.
When This Girls Prom Date Stands Her Up, She Handles It Like A BOSS!!

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