Here Are The Funniest Snapchats From Last Nights Debate!This makes watching the debate much easier!
George W. Bush Selects His Final Resting Place In TexasWith the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson, all presidents deceased since John F. Kennedy are buried at their presidential libraries.
Man "Deeply Regrets" Getting Bernie Sanders Tattoo...Down ThereAn Alabama man felt confident in the candidacy of Bernie Sanders that he decided to permanently ink himself with the famous slogan, "Feel the Bern."
President Obama Tries To Do The Splits With The Final Five!This turned out about the way you thought it would.
Donald Trump Wants To Continue Filming 'The Apprentice' From The White HouseDonald Trump reportedly told an NBC Universal executive that he would like to continue his show while in the White House.
Malia Obama Escorted Out Of Martha's Vineyard Party By Secret Service As Local Police Show Up!It would be nice to have the secret service jump in and save us every time we almost got in trouble!
This Shirt Once Offended Walmart, See What It Has To Do With The Presidential Election!A Walmart store in Florida 21-years-ago pulled shirts from its shelves, saying they were "offensive." See what they have to do with the Presidential race.
Donald Trump Makes Wrestlemania Entrance At Republican National Convention (Video)Donald Trump's entrance at the beginning of the Republican National Convention last night could rival the best WWE entrances of all time.
Meghan Trainor Has No 'Desire To' Vote And Never Has!WOW! We didn't expect that.
Social Media Wants Dallas' Police Chief David Brown To Run For PresidentAfter receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, Brown opened his remarks in an unconventional way, quoting a Stevie Wonder song.
George Bush Dances Alone On Stage At Police Memorial (Video)Former President George W. Bush began swaying to the music, hands firmly grasped to his wife Laura, and First Lady Michelle Obama, who remained motionless.
Watch President Obama's Remarks At Memorial For Slain Officers (Video)President Obama cut a foreign visit short in order to fly to Dallas and speak to a packed crowd of mourners at the Meyerson Symphony Cente

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