The Poop Cafe Is Opening! Will You Try It?Could you eat at this place?
Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Pooped On His Neck And It's Hilarious!He tried to inspire his daughter and she pooped all over it, literally!
Poop Truck Explodes And Covers Cars Around It!Why is there so much poo flying in Russia?
Criminal Sentenced To 40 Years, Throws Poop At Judge (Video)Inside a courtroom in Springfield, Illinois, Ricky Hand was receiving his sentencing for a string of robberies he committed across the town. When he heard his punishment of 40 years behind bars, he did not take the news too well.
Dude Poops On The Self Checkout Scanner At Grocery Store, YUK!After getting naked, Murphy defecated on the U-Scan it.
TV Reporter Arrested For Going #2 In Someone's Front Yard
New Museum Is Dedicated To PooThis story stinks.
This Is How You Secretly Poop At Work!This is so funny!
What Would You Do To Get Skinny? Take Poop Pills?This might be the craziest diet ever! WOW!
You Can Now Send Poop To People You Don't LikePissed off at your boss for making you work over-time? Maybe you're mad at one of your friends for not inviting you to a party? Or perhaps your neighbor has left their trash can in your drive way one to many times? Well now you can easily tell them you hate them by sending them crap!
Woman Mailed A Box Of Poop To Her Cheating Husband!
Woman Arrested For Getting Naked And Wiping Her Poop All Over A Subway!

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