Man And Woman With 350 Cosmetic Procedures Between Them Explain Their "Plastic Love"It's a match made in artificial heaven. They are about as close to a real life "Barbie and Ken" as the world will probably get.
These Stars Regretted Getting Plastic Surgery!They are totally regretting those procedures now!
Crocs Are Bad For Your FeetGood news! Crocs are more than just a really ugly pair of shoes! They can also cause foot problems.
Brewery Invents Biodegradable Six-Pack Rings to Protect Wildlife (VIDEO)Now that I’m hearing this solution, I wonder how the idea has escaped us for so long. Make those plastic rings that hold canned six-packs edible. The Saltwater Brewery in Delay Beach, Florida did just that.
K-Cups Are Getting Banned All Over The Place!
Woman Admits She Used Plastic Wrap As A Condom!
This Mother And Daughter Have Spent $86K On Matching Plastic Surgery
BREAKING: Dallas Is No Longer Charging For Plastic BagsWell the bag ban didn't last very long.
The 14 Most Extreme Plastic Surgeries of 2014
Charity Group Gives Bullied Teens Free Plastic Surgery
O Fake Christmas Tree Of All The Trees Most Environmentally Friendly

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