VP Candidate Mike Pence Discusses Scary Plane Landing at LaGuardiaMike Pence appeared on the morning TV shows today looking very relieved and feeling grateful that no one was hurt after his plane skidded off the runway last night in heavy rain.
Man Enjoys A Free $21,000 First Class Upgrade On His Plane To New YorkYou know there is nothing better than getting that first class surprise when you board a plane. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, you appreciate the treatment you get there. Plus, you can also appreciate what the “poor people” are doing in the back of the plane.
Watch This Guy Chase A Plane Down The Tarmac After He Was Late For His Flight!Why did he think this was going to work?
Man Gropes Woman On A Plane Then Offers Her A Free Drink To Help Her "Forget About It"This every persons nightmare! So crazy!
Plane Dive Bombs Boaters In Two Different DFW Lakes!This is terrifying! I hope they catch the person flying the plane.
Selma Blair Responds To Alcohol and Pill Fueled Plane TiradeSelma Blair had to be removed from a plane recently after she went on an alcohol and pills induced tirade.
Selma Blair Removed From Plane After OutburstActress Selma Blair was sitting in first class on a flight from Cancun to LAX when she had to be removed after lashing out in an alcohol fueled tirade.
Bird Strike Forces American Airlines Emergency Landing En Route to Dallas (PHOTO)Birds might seem small compared to a big ol’ jet airliner, but check out the dent this flock made in the plane’s nose.
Bachelor Contestant Dies In Plane Crash!
Two Delta Flight Attendants Got Into A Fist Fight While In The Air!What would you do if you witnessed this?
Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Goes Above And Beyond For 9 Month Old Baby And It's Adorable!
Delta Is Changing Its Dog Policy To Save The Lives Of AnimalsThe changes will make air travel safer for pets.

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