Man Survives Plane Crash, Then Wins LotteryYou could say that 62-year-old Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar had a roller coaster week.
VIDEO: There's An Alien Buried In Texas CemeteryThere is a legend that an alien pilot crash landed and was buried in the local cemetery.
EgyptAir Voice Recorder Reveals Fire Before CrashThe cockpit voice recorder recovered from EgyptAir Flight 804 indicates there was a fire of board and that the crew attempted to put out the fire before the plane crashed.
EgyptAir Airbus Forced To Make THREE Emergency Landings In The 24 Hours Before It CrashedThe Airbus 320 is said to have been forced to turn around shortly after takeoff on three separate airports after it's warning system, Acars signaled a problem on-board.
Helmet Camera Captures Intense Plane CrashThe clip begins just as the the plane approaches a field to make an emergency landing. Check out the scary footage.
Harrison Ford And Tracy Morgan Are Both Behind The Wheel After Their CrashesBack in the saddle again!
Harrison Ford Receives Well Wishes From Other CelebsThis is his plane after the crash landing.
UPDATED: Harrison Ford 'Seriously Injured' In Plane Crash
See The Dramatic Video Of The Taiwan Plane Crash
Plane Crash Injures Julie's Brother-In-LawJulie's brother-in-law was in a plane crash yesterday.
Flight Change Saves Woman & Family From Asiana CrashWe think about the close-calls we've had in light of one woman's story of not taking the ill-fated Asiana flight that crashed in San Francisco over the weekend.
Johnny Depp Almost Dies In Plane Crash

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