Student Pilot Committs Suicide By Crashing AirplaneA plane crash in Hartford, Connecticut killed a student pilot and left his flight instructor with severe burns.
Pilot Error Cited for AirAsia Flight Landing in Melbourne Instead of MalaysiaAn investigation has shown that an AirAsia pilot entered the wrong coordinates into the flight’s onboard navigation systems, incorrectly guiding 212 passengers from Sydney to Melbourne instead of Sydney to Malaysia eighteen months ago.
VIDEO: Pilot Tackles A Hammered Drunk Passenger After He Attacked A Flight AttendantLooks like WWE on the American Airlines flight as the passenger is wrestled to the ground by the pilot when the plane landed in Charlotte, North Carolina.
United Pilot Calls The Flight Attendants “Pretty Young Ladies”…Now Feminists On Twitter Are Attacking!Betsy Fischer Martin, a journalist who co-hosts Bloomberg’s “Masters in Politics” podcast, did not like what she heard on a recent flight when a United Airline Pilot called the flight attendants "Pretty Young Ladies."
Prince Tribute in New OrleansRIP Prince, what an awesome tribute
American Airlines Pilot Dies During Flight!
Two Pilots Die On The Set Of Tom Cruises New Movie
VIDEO: Super Cat Takes Plane Ride...On The Wing Of An Aircraft!He should change his name to "Kitty Hawk."
Captain & Air Traffic Controller Radio Fight Is TOO Great
Playing Pretend As Adults
Wisconsin Grandma Lands Plane After Husband/Pilot Dies

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