Piers Morgan Says He Feels 'Conned' By Taylor Swift About Kanye West Lyrics"Can we rename her Pinocchio Swift? I feel completely conned!" Piers Morgan said on Good Morning Britain.
TWEETS: Piers Morgan Had A Hilarious Visit To Dallas!Watching his Twitter is hysterical!
VIDEO: Piers Morgan Says He Knew Lupita's Dress Was A Fake On Oscar Night!HATER ALERT!
VIDEO: Bill Clinton Imitates BonoPresident Bill Clinton gets a little payback on Bono. Check out this video of Clinton's Bono impression from last night's Piers Morgan.
Billy Ray Cyrus Defends Daughter MileyBilly Ray Cyrus has opened up about his daughter, Miley Cyrus's VMA performane.
Madonna Banned From Piers Morgan's Shows
Sharon Osbourne Calls In To Gene & Julie
The Jersey Shore, Joe Biden, And Snarts In Today’s Beat David Rancken
Starbucks, Piers Morgan, And Salt-N-Pepa In Today’s Beat David Rancken
Grease, Cher, And Duran Duran In Today’s Beat David Rancken
Larry King, Tony Romo, And Charlie Sheen In Today’s Beat David Rancken
Simon Cowell Quitting U.K. Version Of ‘X Factor’ For U.S. Version

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