Amy Schumer Hospitalized In Paris After She Got Food Poisoning!Poor thing! You know this had to suck!
You Can Now Spend The Night At The Eiffel Tower: Here's How Through HomeAwayThis is the first time in history someone can sleep in the iconic structure.
Breaking News: Egypt Air Flight Has Disappeared from Radar
19-Year-Old Guy Has Survived 3 Terrorist Attacks! Boston, Paris, and Now Brussels!
Selena Gomez Live Tweets Getting Stuck In An Elevator!
#JeSuisChien Trending World Wide To Honor Dog Killed During France RaidTweeters everywhere have been paying tribute to a police dog that was killed in the raid of several of the suspects from Friday's Paris attacks.
Justin Bieber Lost A Friend In The Paris Attacks, Leaves Heartfelt Message On Twitter!
Geraldo Rivera Interviewed His Daughter After She Escaped Paris Stadium Attacks!
Nicky Hilton's Veil Got Run Over During Her Wedding
Elizabeth Olsen Suffered A Wardrobe Malfunction In Paris
VIDEO: Horrible Prank Convinces Paris Hilton She Is Going To Die In A Plane Crash
You Will Never Believe How Michael Jacksons Daughter Paris Looks Now!

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