You Have Been Lied To Your Entire Life About Alcohol!We have been lied to our entire lives!
Little Elm Man's Random Act Of Kindness Is Paid Back With MASSIVE Tip!What an awesome random act of kindness!
Company Pays Employees To Take VactaionsFullContact has started paying it's employees to take a vacation the are a few catches.
Chewbacca Mom And Kids Got Full Scholarship To Florida College!
This Woman Paid $58,000 To Look Like Her Daughter's Twin!
Johnson & Johnson Is Paying This Woman $72 Million After She Said Baby Powder Gave Her Cancer
This Woman Actually Got Paid To Be A Bridesmaid!This is crazy! Why would someone pay to be in their wedding!
Tons Of People Paid $5 For Nothing On Black Friday!
BREAKING: Josh Duggar Had A Paid Ashley Madison Account
Mom Leaves The Hospital With Sick Baby, Finds Note On Her Car That Left Her Speechless
What Would Santa's Income Be?Santa is not just a one trick pony (or Reindeer). Santa does the jobs of a dozen or so different people, maybe some for a little less time than the average employee with the same job. So just what would dear old Saint Nick pull in for all the work he does?

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