President Obama Tries To Do The Splits With The Final Five!This turned out about the way you thought it would.
Michelle Obama's Plans After She Leaves The White HouseFLOTUS post white house plans
Rudy Giuliani Says There Were No Successful Terrorist Attacks Until Obama Came AlongHas Rudy Giuliani just completely lost his mind?
Watch President Obama Sing Rihanna's "Work" (Video)We may have just found President Obama's favorite word.
VIDEO: President Obama Reveils his Plans for After the Presidency
President Obama Went Hiking And People Asked Him To Legalize Pot!I mean, they are the first three letters of "POTUS."
VIDEO: Obama Crashed A Wedding And The Bride Totally Flipped Out
Snapchat Might Show The Presidents Daughter Playing Beer Pong!
Turns Out President Obama Has Decent Taste In MusicDo you and the Prez like the same bands?
Watch This 22-Year-Old Go Off On President Obama
LISTEN: Why Did President Obama Use The N-Word?(Audio NSFW)
QUIZ: Which Celebrity Clique Would Be Your BFFs?Besties fo' lyfe!

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