Eminem Dropped A New Track And He Dissed Donald Trump In It!We finally have new Eminem music!
New Trend Has People Getting Mystery Tattoo's!Would you get a tattoo if you had no clue what it was going to be?
Hospital Charges New Mom To Hold Her Baby After Birth!This is INSANE! They charged her to hold the baby!
New Candle Smells Like Newly-Opened Mac ComputerIf you can’t afford a new Mac, its essence can emanate in your home or office for just 24 bucks.
New Study Says Selfies Are Linked To Happiness!Do you think this is true? Not sure we are buying this!
Fright Fest Opens At Six Flags This Weekend! You Have To Check Out The New Ride!We can't wait to go to Fright Fest this year!
This Is Why The iPhone 7 Is Hissing At You Like A Snake!Is this supposed to happen?
People Think Calvin Harris's New Song 'My Way' Throws Shade At Taylor SwiftWhat do you think? Is he throwing shade?
Lady Gaga Set To Release New Album 'Joanne' In OctoberWe can't wait to hear her full album!
Big Tex's New Clothes For The Texas State Fair Were Revealed!He is going to look good this year! Yeah, buddy!
The iPhone 7 Could Launch As Early As Next Week!Are you going to buy the new iPhone?
Here Is Everything Coming And Going From Netflix For September!Here is everything coming and going from Netflix for September!

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