Empire's Taraji P. Henson Could Star In Her Own "Cookie" Spin-OffHenson has been nominated for an Emmy twice, and has won a Golden Globe for her performance as the matriarch of the Lyon family and executive for Empire Entertainment.
NKOTB Will Appear On Season 2 Of 'Fuller House'This is going to be awesome!
Netflix Releases 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer! OMG! We Can't Wait!They also told us when it was coming out!
Here Is Everything Being Added To Netflix For AugustSome of these movies are really good! Can't wait to see them!
OMG! The Twins From Full House Are Super Hot Now!WOW! They are super hot now!
This New Netflix Feature Will Change The Way You Watch TV
Unauthorized Password Sharing Ruled Illegal. What Does This Mean For Netflix Sharing?Last Tuesday, the United States Court of Appeals in the Ninth Circuit ruled that unauthorized password sharing is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Netflix: Here's What's Coming (And Going) In JulyIf you're a fan of couch potato-ing with some popcorn and Netflix, you're not going to want to leave your seat next month.
You Won't Believe What The Most Watched Show On Netflix In The Last 8 Months Is!It's not Making A Murderer, not House Of Cards, not even Orange Is The New Black! What is it?
Commitment Rings Keeps Your Partner From Watching Netflix Without YouDon't you just love binge watching your favorite shows with your partner? Isn't it the worst when they watch without you? Well have no fear, the Commitment Ring is here.
Netflix Introduces A New Tool For Checking Internet SpeedNetflix is branching out.
House Of Cards Star Robin Wright Had To Fight For Equal PayWhat year is this? How is it possible that women and men still don't get paid equal amounts for doing the same job?

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