Mean Girls The Musical Is Happening!What an awesome announcement on Mean Girls Day!
Here Are The Best Musical Acts Worth Seeing At This Years State Fair!We can't wait to go to the fair this year!
All Broadway Theater Performances Cancelled Today In New York CityALL matinee and evening performances: there's a travel ban on now!
15 Movie Musicals Stranger Than 'Pitch Perfect 2'If you love 'Pitch Perfect 2' for the music (rather than the girl bonding), and you are all about the comedy (rather than—again—the girl bonding), we've got the best musical comedies to check out.
What's Hot: Elf The Musical
What's Hot: Bonnie And Clyde The Musical
What's Hot: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
What's Hot: Menopause The Musical
Bill and Hillary Clinton Musical Coming to New York CityIt's still unclear whether Hillary Clinton will be headed to the White House in 2016, but we do know she'll be headed to New York City this summer, thanks to a new musical.
Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain Musical Is In The Works
Kory's Review: Disney's The Little Mermaid @ Dallas Summer Musicals
Kory's Review: Godspell @ AT&T Performing Arts CenterIs Godspell earth shattering musical theatre? No. Is it catchy, sparkly, hilarious and fun? Yes

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